Welcome to LifeFit.ca!

Lifefit.ca provides you with a Certified Personal Fitness Trainer who gives you dedicated one-on-one attention in the privacy and comfort of your own home. Just imagine... no gym, no hassle, no expensive equipment, no excuses!


FACT:  Personal Training gets you results!

FACT:  Personal Training motivates you with interesting, individualized programs that evolve to meet your needs and goals.

FACT:  Personal Training workout routines are designed specifically for you and your body type which allow you to

            - lose weight

            - reduce stress

            - increase your energy

            - lower your health risks

            - feel GREAT about yourself!

FACT:  In-home Personal Training means

            - no unused membership fees to the gym

            - no travel time to and from the gym

            - no impersonal, uncomfortable gym environment

            - no comparing yourself to others in a fitness class

            - no confusion about how to use equipment

            - no high risk of injury with incorrect techniques or not knowing your limits     

FACT:  Unlike some bootcamps and group classes, you don't have to already be in good shape to begin.